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Low Poly Challenge #4: TRON

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hawken, The Pimp, The McDaddy, The Mother of Greentooth, kicked off a new Low Poly Challenge last week and it deserves a little front page love.

So all you low poly kids who hate them darn normal maps and crazy high poly budgets, this one is for you!

More after the jump.


In preparation for the nerdgasm that is TRON Legacy, this new installment to the ever popular Low Poly Challenge is TRON themed. If that wasn't appealing enough, the challenge gets even better!

You can enter in three different categories:

  1. TRON themed Character
  2. TRON themed Environment
  3. TRON themed vehicle

So you have no excuse to get amongst it!


For all the details and budgets, head over to the official thread and get your low poly on!


Challenge deadline: Friday, December 17th, 2010


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