Vancouver + Craig Mullins = ANOMALY!

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My fellow Vancouverites, if you're not attending Anomaly on October 30th your weekend is probably going to be 7-out-of-10 instead of 11-out-of-10. Why? Craig Mullins, that's why!

Anomaly - Vancouver Aquarium

This years Anomaly event is happening at the Vancouver Aquarium. If you're a videogame artist living in Vancouver you should definitely be there.

The artist list of presenting and demonstrating artists is amazing:

  • Craig Mullins
  • Anna Fehr
  • Cesar Rizo
  • Daryl Mandryk
  • Horia Dociu
  • Jake Collinge
  • Jason Stokes
  • Jesse Turner
  • Marco Menco
  • Matthew Barrett
  • Richard Anderson
  • Steven Chen
  • Thomas Scholes
  • Tran Nguyen
  • Ty Shelton
  • Xin Wang

I've personally had the pleasure of working with a few of the attending artists and I know what they have in store will be educational and above all... inspiring. If you're in the Vancouver area do yourself a favour and attend this years Anomaly.



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