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Today is a crazy day here at the office, and with Emil lost in Australia on some crazy adventure and MoP still finding his footing in his new place there's no time to whip up a recap this week.

There is, however, some updates to the site and things on the horizon.

Currently live updates

One of the most recent updates to Polycount is one I just rolled out last night: The awards system. We - meaning the Polycount team - can issue awards to members based on completion of challenges and contests held at Polycount. ParoXum was the first recipient, having won the Beat-Em-Up Challenge. These 'awards' are additions to your signature that, when clicked, will take you to an information based about the award so you can find out more. We'll do custom awards with each new challenge and contest. For now, look out for ParoXum's in each of his posts:

If you haven't noticed yet you're probably blind we've rolled out Google Ads on Polycount. The primary goal of this was a simple test we had to prove to ourselves: Would our CMS system allow for trivial implementations of such a thing? The answer, for ads so far seems to be 'yes'. In the future we'll switch from Google Ad's to proper sponsorship programs so be on the look out for now. In the mean time, if you'd like to support us you can do so by disabling your Ad Blocker for the Polycount.com domain (or more directly, purchase some merchandise). We're aware that they aren't the most visually appealing ads out there, and we'll work on that as well.


Future Updates

There's been a slow drip of feature updates to Polycount recently because we've been setting up a development environment for us to test features on before we push them live. With this just now coming online, we'll be pushing out features pretty soon. The first wave will be menu updates to the top and bottom menus. You'll be able to Submit News and Contact Us without needing to open your email, as well as have easy access to all the polycount logos and fonts that you could possibly want.



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