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24HR warning! And.. some blogging?

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Head's up! 24 hours remain on the Sidescroller beat-em-up challenge!

With 24 hours left on the challenge I thought I'd send a reminder out that its about to finish. Do yourself a favour and check out the current entries before voting begins over the weekend!

Challenges are one of the many things about Polycount that I love. On our end of things, its fun to think of new ways to challenge you guys so that both hobbyists or professionals will get something out of it; all while some stellar art is made available for the entire community to consume. With the Beat-em-up Challenge in particular, the smaller amount of near-final entries for this challenge has taught us a lot about the scale of our challenges.

For our own personal entry - a collaboration I had with Virtuosic - we wish we had time to finish our entry, but Ryan and I were both up to our eyeballs in work other projects that finding proper time for this proved difficult. Judging by the early number of interested artists vs. the number of seemingly 'completed' entries for this its a safe bet that the next environment challenge we do here at Polycount will be one that is less involving as a full environment. We'll save those for the contests and instead propose the next environment challenge on the technique side of things.

And on that note, our next Challenge moving forward will likely be character themed. However, with Dominance War V creeping up we will wait before rolling that out as to not conflict with its schedule. So until then, check out the current challenge entries and get ready to vote on your favourite some time over the coming weekend!


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