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Friday Community Re-cap

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So you've survived another grueling week of long hours, crunch sessions, living off ramen noodles and/or slurping champagne off the bellies of exotic women. However you've spent your week, you've decided to join us for another weekly Friday Community Re-cap.

This weeks re-cap contains:

  • All kinds of goods, Polycount style!
  • ZBrush Central art and render techniques.
  • CGHUB... Do I even need to say more!
  • Kotaku article on Blur Studio.


Props go out to Marine again this week for his help gathering item for the re-cap this week.



We open huge with word that the Team Fortress 2 Polycount Pack has been released and with even bigger news that the winning artists will get a cut from the sales of their items with the new Mann-conomy feature that is being launched by Valve. Read more about the Mann-conomy Update over at the Team Fortress 2 site.


Now... for some some art!


Autocon gets the alphabetical ball rolling with his collection of levels, covering both multi-player and the single-player campaigns for Halo Reach. Because of the nature of his work, he can't show just his own work, but instead you get big shots of each level.

Also a huge congrats to Autocon for landing a sweet gig at Naughty Dog. Best of luck, mate.



Next on the Halo Reach art dump band wagon we have danimal, who was a contract artist on the project. Some great hard surface work, fantastic modelling, and very clean texturing.



Polycount newcomer, fabmoraes makes his presence known early with his version of Chakan, from the Sega Mega Drive game of the same name. A great first post, and hopefully we'll see more work from fabmoraes soon.



tucho put the finishing touches on his warlock character model. It's definitely come together and has made a really nice final piece, so be sure to check out his thread. On a side note, it was rendered using Xoliul's viewport shader (which is also worth looking at).



Well, there's this little game called Minecraft, which seems to be all the rage these days. A lot of crazy videos going around, but our very own eld has made a great start on his own custom texture set for the game. It reminds me of a classic RPG game the SNES era or something you'd find on a Nintendo DS.

I know I'll be using his texture set when it's finished.



ZBrush Central

Check out this thread by yiannis t. one of the resident ZBrush Central artists who pimps some of the work he's been doing in ZBrush 4. Some really cool style to his work. But what makes this thread even more interesting is his workflow for his renders. Some really in-depth explanations and diagrams which would be beneficial for anyone wanting to do some really nice ZBrush screenies.




A bunch of odd and awesome work by CGHUB artist Malanjo. Especially this weird little Moleman guy. The intricate armour work is stunning and the texture work is amazing. But the stand out bit of art has to be the Harrier jet, great model and it has pink missiles.




In case you missed it earlier in the week, the tabloid of video game blogs, Kotaku, wrote a great article on the kings of cinematics, Blur Studio.

The article isn't crazy in-depth, but as a general overview of their work it makes for an interesting read. If you're not in the mood for reading, there are a bunch of amazing videos to watch. At the end of the article, be sure to check out the photo of the Blur office. Those poor bastards appear to be stuck with single monitors.


Have a great weekend, kids.


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