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Friday Community Re-cap

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Ladies. Gentlemen. It's Friday.

My knight in shining armor, Marine, sent me some very awesome community updates by way of carrier pigeon. Very resourceful, he is.


GoSsS and his broken shift key get us started with his finally finished Heliplane. Gorgeous high poly, and a good texture, but he really should have gone with the pink colour scheme.


UltraVD's Sad mime violinist. I've been wanting to highlight this for a while, but it's too damn freaky. The attention to detail is incredible, from the ruffled skirt to the flowers on the shoulders, and the delicate patterns on the bodice and the shirt.

And he was kind enough to create a video detailing how he made the skirt, it's in a dead language, but Max is universal.

[vimeo clip_id="14907851" height="" width="650"]


Earthquake's link dump

Because Earthquake doesn't understand organizing bookmarks, he's created a thread to highlight a bunch of helpful posts that are scattered across the hellish wasteland we frolic in.
Or you could just check the wiki.


ZBrush Central

The friendly folks over at ZBrushCentral are once again blessed with majestic art, this time coming from ced66, an artist working on From Dust, an upcoming god-game from Ubisoft. I'm hoping for a print of that first sculpt, looks too good to just be inside in a computer.


One of the stronger entries for CGSculpt's Bossbattle Challenge, which was later posted over at ZBrushCentral (I've gone cross-eyed!) is Damian Pannell's entry. He's huge. He's gnarly. And by god if he's not asymmetrically wicked.



Maury Ruiz sculpted some Kobe and Lebron models for Nike, the sculpts aren't that special, but they made puppets out of them! I don't know about you, but I fucking love puppets.



NextGenHardSurface, the site that can't even afford a space bar, managed to get an interview with our own Matroskin, whose valiant efforts in last year's Unearthly Challenge saw him crush the enemies of Polycount, see them driven before him, and he even claims he heard the lamentations of the women. Whether or not that's true, he did win, and the interview delves in to the planning behind his entry and his own artistic history.


This is the End

Happy Friday, everyone!


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