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Creating normal maps in your browser

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r13 founder

A small Flash and Air, both Adobe web products, powered normal texture tool is available by the name Smart Normal. It works inside your browser, so make sure you're using a Flash friendly client before stepping over for a look. A few more details after the click.

Official Information:

Smart Normal is a Flash 10 / AIR-driven, lightweight normalmapper supporting condensed and sobel-filters. New: PS and AFX support!


  • fast and userfriendly installation thanks to adobe air
  • supports drag and drop (AIR-version)
  • realtime filter preview
  • can invert the source image and channels
  • sobel-edge, condensed and blur filter
  • supports jpg, png, gif-files
  • saves uncompressed jpeg-files
  • is only 130kb small
  • is free to use



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