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3D Scanning with The Cyclops

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r13 founder

The Cyclops is more than a myth, its also a fairly straightforward way to get your feet wet with some 3d scanning at some rock bottom prices. The Cyclops is a kit of parts from Makerbot, with the requisite instructions, that when added to your own camera will allow you to start generating some point clouds. A cut and paste after the jump.

Official Announcement:

Makerbot Cyclops v1.0 Kit 3D Scanner

**This is a pre-sale item. Due to amazing demand our first run of the Cyclops 3D Scanner Kits has sold out. Our second run will begin shipping in 3 weeks.**

Created by our summer engineer Taylor Goodman, the MakerBot Cyclops builds on the 3D scanning technology created by Kyle McDonald. 

It's a cute little scanner kit with lots of depth- just assemble the laser cut parts we supply, and add your Pico Projector, PS3 Eye Camera, and iPod Touch or iPhone, (or alternate VGA video source) and you've got a small format, low cost 3D Scanner!

The technology behind this device is known as Structured Light 3D scanning, and it's accessible to people who want to practice 3D scanning.

This kit is for 3D Scanning experimenters, as you will need to be a bit savvy to get the best results. When you see your first point cloud you'll be blown away at what you've scanned. 

If you dont feel comfortable manipulating 3D point clouds, look through the documentation to see if this project is over your head. 

We provide you with a lasercut package so you can mount your (not supplied) projector and PS3 Eye, and get started scanning.

Please take a look at our full documentation here so you know exactly what 3D scanning with the MakerBot Cyclops is all about!



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