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Weekend or weak.. end?

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No matter which flavour your past couple of days came in, this weeks Monday post is 'bound to get you going for the weekend.

Grab a coffee, jump on in, and prepare for roughly 20 minutes of moving-picture pleasure.

Particle Porn

We won't judge you if you add these to your spank-bank.

[vimeo clip_id="4699035" height="" width="650"]

[vimeo clip_id="11547544" height="" width="650"]

[vimeo clip_id="2286045" height="" width="650"]



I caught the demo for this during lunch one day last week and really wanted to share it with you. Frictional games, the independent studio that brought you the frightening Penumbra, are at it again with their medieval+fantasy themed Amnesia. Better than me describing it, I'll let their trailer video do the talking. Lighting artists take note: this game uses light as one of its main gameplay elements.



Star Wars Propaganda

I caught this on Digg and thought I'd share it. Star Wars themed propaganda posters created by artist Cliff Chiang.


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