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The internet never sleeps.

Therefore, we have found some things you may be interested in, including:

  • Comicon Challenge 2010
  • CG Bootcamp shader tutorials
  • Brink Dev Diary - Art & Style
  • PhilipK's wood texture tutorial

Read on, adventurer!


Holding Out For A Hero

The sleeping behemoth that is GameArtisans.org has once again awoken, and announced that the mighty Comicon Challenge has begun for 2010!

It's sure to be a big one - last year's challenge was a lot of fun, and there were a ton of good entries. Here's a few of the 2009 finalists in banner form, because we like pictures better than words. Words suck.

Anyway, I bet you folks can put some arts together and represent the black 'n' green over there, make a kickass character - use it as an opportunity to try out new techniques of working, or simply to create something awesome to bolster your portfolio. Hell, I might even do an entry, and I never do anything these days!


Shader Boot Camp

The generous folks over at CG Bootcamp have put together a set of 4 tutorial videos which will take you through the steps of creating a CGFX shader from scratch. The videos are aimed at Maya users, and go a little something like this:

That should give the more technically-minded among you something to chew on. Shaders can be pretty powerful and if you're at all interested in maths and real-time effects, you'll probably be able to throw together something pretty decent without too much trouble after watching these videos.

CG Bootcamp also have a bunch of handy tutorials for ZBrush sculpting, Maya rigging and Mental Ray rendering (amongst other things), so they're well worth bookmarking!


Shameless Plug, But It's Interesting, Honest

Splash Damage have, just this instant, uploaded a new Developer Diary video, this time focusing on the art and style of Brink.

There are interviews with the Art Director ( "colour is back in shooter games!" ), as well as the team leads for environment art and animation, discussing exaggeration of detail and performance.


Get Wood

Everyone's favourite Swedish tutorial-monger, Philip Klevestav, popped up again on Polycount last week to reveal a new tutorial. This time, he takes us through how to create a natural-looking rough wood planks texture, using sculpting and Photoshop to produce a very cool result. Generous man that he is, he even supplied the PSD.


Anyway, that's all for today, give us a shout if you find anything else cool on your travels through the information superhighway!

[ Edit: Peppi found this, and it was too awesome not to add a link to it: Star Wars poster prints by Andy Helms! ]


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