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Friday Community Re-Cap

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Round up, round up, ladies and gents. It's Friday and it's time to re-cap with what's been happening around Polycount and other communities this week. A bunch of cool art from our very own talent pool, jokes, some comic related art over at ZBrush Central and some CGHUB goods.

Put on your bibs because it's time to feast your eyes on the eye candy!

Special thanks to Marine for the hook ups again this week.



We kick off this Friday spectacular with Haikai with his artfully painted character "Brutus". It seems to have slipped under the radar, and it deserves a bunch more attention. It's been a while since we've seen some hand painted textures of this quality around our parts.

art by haikai


Resident legend spacemonkey updated his ongoing thread this week with another one of his trademark mutant characters, done in true spacemonkey style and skill. If you've somehow missed this thread in the past, then you're in for a treat and your inspiration folder is about to get full! Get on it.

art by spacemonkey


Have you ever wanted superior normal map creation on your Mac and even after countless Google searches you've come up empty handed? Well, you're in luck! Ryan Clark, creator of Crazybump has released an alpha build Mac version of his tool, which rumour has it is "indistinguishable from magic".
It's a great piece of software to have in your toolkit, and now you puny hipsters can be instructed to wait too.


Game Artisans

Nothing seems to be going on over there. Just the usual delays and broken promises.

Moving along.


ZBrush Central

Zbrush Central and it's army of artists continue on their relentless charge of making your artbuds tingle. They're located inside your belly button, in case you're wondering.

As an entree to the tingles, Luxo pimps some stylised characters and takes us through his process to achieve a solid comic book art look using ZBrush matcaps, polypaint and some composite work in Photoshop. Not only does he achieve an amazing result but he also shares his matcaps too, which you'll find on the second page.

art by Luxo


Sticking with the comic theme, Khalavi has posted the sculpts he created for Pop Culture Shock Toys. This week's editions include Magneto, Lion-O (for those of us born in the time of big hair and bad ass toys) and David Mack's Kabuki (for the comic aficionados among us). As an added bonus, he shares his sculpt of Marvel's The Winter Soldier for Bowen Studios.
If you venture to the start of the thread, you'll find a few more sculpts of recognisable heroes and villains.

art by khalavi



CGHUB continues to provide globs of inspiration for all, with pteropus (featured in a previous community update) adding Nosferatu to his gallery of unadulterated win.
Also, I can't stress enough for people to spend a bit of time trawling through CGHUB as there is a tremendous amount of talent lurking over there.

art by pteropus



Before you go, just a friendly reminder that we launched the Beat Em Up Challenge in the wee hours of this morning, on time too if you failed to notice. So quit complaining about the lack of environment art challenges and get amongst it!

Have a safe weekend and we'll catch you all next week.


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