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QuakeCon 2010

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QuakeCon 2010, the annual Texas gaming festival which brings together thousands of fraggers for "4 days of peace, love and rockets", brings today! Read on for more info, including live stream broadcast of the events!

A celebration of gaming culture, technology, and head shots, this completely free event has been held in Dallas every summer for the past 14 years; last year saw over 7,000 attendees. Head over to the QuakeCon 2010 Live Coverage page for the live streaming broadcast of the day's main stage events; more live coverage, including the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer tournament) will be streamed live here.

Today's big event is the keynote address which begins at 2:30pm Texas time. Expect news from both id Software and Bethesda; Jason West and Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment (and formerly of Infinity Ward) will also make an appearance on the "Building Blockbusters" panel, which also will feature Tim Willits from id Software and Todd Howard from Bethesda. A full schedule of events can be found here; full list of panels and presentations can be found here.

Several Polycounters are currently working on games to be presented during QuakeCon, including Rage (id Software) and Brink (Spash Damage). Be sure to go to the Main Stage Live Steam page for both Rage and Brink presentations on Friday 2:30PM (CT) and Saturday 11:00AM (CT), respectively.

Another thing to watch out for; a mysterious tweet from John Carmack indicating some very 'neat' to be announced.


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