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Nice, an easy Monday.

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I'm still knocking the jet lag out of my head so I will make this short & sweet. With each knock on my noggin comes something tasty for you to wake up to the new week with.

Ganon vs. Link

DeviantArt member pacman23 shows us his rendition of one of his favourite game series, the Legend of Zelda.


Human 'Seaweed'

A lovely - and short - film by Tell No One on creating seaweed from nothing but himself. Enjoyable, and worth a second viewing.

[vimeo clip_id="12825278" height="" width="650"]


soulstice's portfolio

Polycount member soulstice dropped his portfolio by the Polycount Forum. Amongst the 1 Metric Shitton™ of artwork - which you should also check out - was this beauty.


Time-lapse Drawing

If only the title described it better. Video (and artist in the video?) on Vimeo by Pat Perry.

[vimeo clip_id="13926803" height="" width="650"]


Music to ease you in to your 3D art habits for the week

Here's some music to ease you in to your 3D work. So hit play below, load up whichever tool it is you use, and enjoy the rest of your Monday. I'm going to go catch some sleep before this jet lag makes me hit my head against my keyboard.


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