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Remember the Team Fortress 2 Heavy action figures that Gaming Heads have been creating for Valve?

Well, they just added the Tank from Left 4 Dead 2 to their range, and it looks deliciously mean.

Burn it with fire, after the jump!

Gaming Heads (And Torsos, Arms, Legs)

So, the more gaming-fanatical among you will probably remember the clean, bulky lines of the stylish TF2 Heavy that Gaming Heads have had on sale for a while now (although not for the faint of wallet, weighing in at over $200!).

Well, the same guys have just put forth the announcement that the Tank from Left 4 Dead 2 is their next collectible figure in association with Valve.


Run away!

Much like the real Tank in L4D2, this figure is 15" tall! Anyone brave enough to part with $300 of their hard-earned cash will no doubt find this ugly brute towering over their current collection or dominating their desk at work.

The detailing looks pretty impressive, and in general it seems even better than the in-game model.


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