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This is the 100th published post on the new Polycount front page! HUZZAH! But it's business as usual for us and other 3D game art communities, so let's see what's happening.

  • Some of the latest work over at cgchannel
  • Art at Game Artisans
  • 3D Total announce their Movie Mashup winners




Over at cgchannel, there has been some solid stuff coming from their talented artists. Here's a quick look at some of the finished work that has come from their community in the last week.

art by marek_denko, margarit, vfxcash, Banzato



Game Artisans

The third installment of the Chess Set Challenge kicked off last week and if the first two challenges are any indication of how things will pan out this time. We are all in for a treat.

Here are some of the work in progress pieces

art by Dvolution, worldmaker, g2000, FredH

For more information on the challenge, you can read the brief here.


Also, artist Adam Fisher showcases two stunning character fan art pieces of Hellboy and Neytiri.



3D Total

If you've missed the Movie Mashup Challenge over at 3D Total, here are the top 10 winners for your viewing pleasure.

art by Tarik2d, eicronie, Maxter1, CLP, rap, LemonW, Martin x, McClean, Mithras, yaRa



Relevant Links

cgchannel - marek_denko - Everything Beautiful Is Far Away

cgchannel - margarit - Sprial City

cgchannel - vfxcash - Damaged

cgchannel - Banzato - The Hunter

Game Artisans - Chess Set Challenge

Game Artisans - Adam Fisher's Hellboy

Game Artisans - Adam Fisher's Neytiri

3D Total - Movie Mashup Winners


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