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Advanced Mesh Paint DVD for UDK

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r13 founder

3dmotive has dropped us a line that they have a new UDK tutorial DVD to add to their vault of professional training videos. Ryan James Smith is the one you'll be listening to as he explains and shows you the deeper secrets of mesh painting in the UDK editor.


In this video we'll take an advanced look at UDK's mesh painting features (often called vertex painting). We'll go in depth on how to create several advanced blending materials such as snow icing over stones, puddles that react to light, and cracked and weathered concrete. We will also discuss how to create mix maps in Photoshop which will allow us to blend our materials in unique and interesting ways.


The video is priced pretty reasonably and if you are looking to add a little pizazz to your portfolio images, this could definitely give you some new tricks. They are also keen on supporting the community here and they are offering free videos on some of the more basic tasks that you can probably figure out on your own after an afternoon of cursing at your monitor. Or you can sit back and be shown how, and in their latest case making custom collision meshes in UDK, and soak up the knowledge like a sponge. Trust me, be a sponge.


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