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35mm and some music!

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We've a short-list of cool things for you today!

Head on in if you're looking to kill a few minutes.


Pascal Monaco & friends created a video showcasing popular movies throughout history, in their simplest forms. I always enjoy videos like this. I find them to be encouraging; trying to portray the art I make without overdoing the details has been a design decision of mine for a while now. Specifically with my personal game art projects.

[vimeo clip_id="13340102" height="" width="640"]


Xploding Plastix

I recently came across Xploding Plastix in my search for modern day spy music (again, for inspiration for a home game art project I am doing). Being an electric fan, they seem to fit in well with my playlists - especially those that I play when pushing polys. If you're a fan of electric, funk, jazz, or slow tempo tracks give them a go.

Here's a few songs to tickle your fancy.



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