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UDK: July Update

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r13 founder

Epic's release their July UDK beta.

Click on through to find out what it entails.

The UDK presser for July has been sitting in my mailbox waiting for the perfect time to surprise you with Epic's recent updates to their free version of the engine. As always if you are looking to get your feet wet, this is an awesome set of free tools that can give you the platform to learn and develop.  Here's a clip on what they've done new to the nifty little package available now at their bunker

This month’s beta release includes many upgrades, including:

    • New Reference Tree tool
    • New Package Revert tool
    • Additional FBX import/export support
    • Improvements to Gamecaster virtual camera support
    • Motion blur and depth of field (DOF) enhancements

It might not sound like much, but I am jealous of the reference tool. I use the UDK in my day job and I can't tell you how useful and productive a proper reference tool would be. I'm a fan of FBX support too... woot.

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