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Even two weeks after the Team Fortress 2 Contest has ended, it seems like people haven't had enough of making TF2 themed art!

Today we highlight:

  • oobersli's Ghostbusters TF2 theme
  • Olive "-Gopher" Titouan's Mad Hatter
  • UDK July Beta Release



What do you get if you cross Team Fortress 2 and Ghostbusters? Really awesome art by one our very talented artists oobersli. It seems like with all the Team Fortress 2 Contest fever, that a bunch of creative projects have been emerging themed to Team Fortress 2 and this one should definitely not go unnoticed.


[caption id="attachment_2119" align="alignnone" width="630" caption="art by oobersli"][/caption]



ZBrush Central

Over at ZBrush Central, Olive "-Gopher" Titouan made the front page with a great rendition of the Mad Hatter from the Alice in Wonderland universe. There are also some early work in progress renders to see how the final piece took shape as well as the level of detail the artist went into to create this fantastic final image.

[caption id="attachment_2114" align="alignnone" width="630" caption="art by Olive "-Gopher" Titouan"][/caption]



For those of you not following, Epic Games released their regular monthly update to UDK last week in their July Beta release. I know I'm personally loving the fact that they are providing such frequent support to their product, which has made UDK the go to game engine for me and for a lot of other game developers and artists.

This month’s beta release includes many upgrades, including:

  • New Reference Tree tool
  • New Package Revert tool
  • Additional FBX import/export support
  • Improvements to Gamecaster virtual camera support
  • Motion blur and depth of field (DOF) enhancements

A full list of all the new features and updates can be found here.

Get the latest version of UDK.



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