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For all you contest and challenge nuts, we have a small update on some of the challenges happening around game-art community.

  • Polycount's Time Machine! Challenge update
  • Game Artisans Neverending Story Chellenge finals



We are half way through the Time Machine Challenge and if you haven't been following (and/or participating), then shame on you! It's really shaping up to be an interesting challenge with a lot of rad designs worthy of occupying your reference folder.

art by BadGeometry, dirigible, Zwebbie, mradamw, ocarian Flow

Just a remind that the challenge deadline is August 1st, 2010, so you still have plenty of time to amongst the action.


Game Artisans

The Neverending Story Re-Design Challenge has reached it's deadline and it's time to vote for your favourite entires. There are a lot of fun and interesting re-designs by the talented artists at Game Artisans, so be sure to check them out.

art by redpandafire, Genz, TheQiwiMan, FredH, obeyurnapster, duncanfraser

There are plenty more to look at here, all equally as good as the images above.

If you missed the challenge, Game Artisans are kicking off another mini challenge on July 14th.


Relevant links:

Polycount - Low Poly Challenge #3 - Time Machine!
Game Artisans - Neverending Story Re-Design Finals



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