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Aaah... Monday

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Still rubbing the sleep out of your eyes?

Waiting anxiously to find out who's in the first ever Polycount Pack?

Then hop on in and kill some time.

Here's a few things we saw over the weekend that we thought you'd enjoy.


Beyond Black Mesa

A teaser trailer hit the internet not long ago for an indie film called 'Beyond Black Mesa' - inspired by Half-Life. This teaser had a budget of $1,200 and the post work alone took over 2 years to complete.



'I hope he remembers to pick up some fabric softener'

Found over at Marvel.com- and the cover of Amazing Spiderman #601 - J. Scott Campbell's rendition of Peter Parker's dame, Mary Jane, had me wondering what she's thinking.

[caption id="attachment_2064" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Nice shirt."][/caption]

Coming Soon: 1903

Shorpy.com - my favourite blog second to Polycount - has a huge collection of high res images ranging from the late 1800's to around 1950. This one below is jut a small sample of the types of images you'll find over there. If you ever find yourself on a project of an old date and time, within North America, Shorpy should be your first visit for references.

I found this one at this post here (and I'm displaying it at HALF its resolution from the site).


Here's a fourth item here for you to gaze over as you get over the morning hump: TRIANGLE - a video created by Onur Senturk - was created with Robert Knoke's black & white artwork as a basis. This video was used as promotion for Knoke's new book, Black Material.

[vimeo clip_id="13216490" height="" width="650"]

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