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8Monkey Release Marmoset Toolbag Update

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So, our good pals over at 8Monkey Labs have seen fit to overhaul and crank up the goodness on the Marmoset Toolbag model viewer.


A Mere Bag O' Tools

Tons of people have been using the Marmoset toolbag over the past year or so to make fancy real-time screenshots of their models and textures - and now the feature set just got even better!

You can now place spotlights in the model viewer for more controlled illumination.

Pro Post Processing

You can also take advantage of full-screen postprocessing effects like SSAO and depth-of-field for top-notch visuals.



A list of the updated features includes the following:

  • Dynamic light creation and editing
  • Saveable scene files (save all your toolbag settings)
  • Several new sky lighting presets
  • Expanded post effects, including SSAO, DOF, and vignette
  • Improved light and shadow accuracy and detail
  • Expanded material options, including gloss maps and translucency
  • New debug & compositing render modes, preview options
  • Greatly improved and reorganized user interface


So, what are you waiting for? Give it a spin! We'd love to see your models and textures presented in an awesome fashion on the forums, and what better way to screengrab than with Marmoset?

Big props to the 8Monkey team for giving it to us first ;)


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