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Insane Resolution Rage, Gunslingers & Wet Concepts

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We've scoured the whole internets to bring you this set of tasty eye candy today. Imagine that!

  • Huge Rage images
  • Stunning Gunslinger
  • Wet concept art

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Rage Against My Machine (Mainly the RAM)

Look what we've found! Bethesda have done something ridiculous on their blog, and uploaded three several-hundred-megabyte TIF screenshots of Rage. Oh my.

Here's one of the screenshots, down-sized from 25,600 x 16,000 to something a little more reasonable. Photoshop ate up 2GB of RAM just in order to open the TIF file...



I originally saw this over on ZBrushCentral, but Michael "catstyle" Knowland has just put up an epic post of high-poly, low-poly and texture work on a crisply-executed gunslinger character. Not only has he done a fantastic bake and texture work, but the sculpting is top-notch too; the cloth is particularly well-handled in the sculpt, it's some of the best I've seen on a model of this kind!

He's even using the 3ds max shader created by our very own Laurens "Xoliul" Corijn, and as a result even the viewport screengrabs look amazing.


Wet Your Appetite

Finally, Martin "DECHAMBO" Deschambeault has put up some pretty cool concept art from A2M's "Wet" game from last year, there's a bunch of nice environments to peruse at your leisure.


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