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It's those little discoveries that keeps going; As artists we tend to find inspiration in the most interesting ways.

Jump on in for 3 videos that are sure to tickle your creative nerve.

Shape & form on display in 'Harmony & Discord'

Chris Bassett laid this out on Vimeo a few months ago so there's a chance you've seen this. If you haven't then have a gander at a fantastic exercise in shape & form using simple shapes and lighting.

[vimeo clip_id="11902575" height="" width="650"]


The iPhone 4's 720p video capability on display in 'Apple of My Eye'

Shot entirely using the iPhone 4, this video demonstrates the visual quality a movie can reach when shot entirely with the phone. It was this video alone that convinced me personally to grab the phone. You never know when you'll get the creative urge to film something, and capturing it to this level makes it an even greater urge.

[vimeo clip_id="12819723" height="" width="640"]


'First Wave' drops by Noobie Noobinson (Season 3)

Noobie Noobinson - an electronic/rock/hiphop hybrid group out of Vancouver - released this teaser to their upcoming third season of viral releases. The music is great, but I especially thought their use of 3D in their cinematography sets them worlds apart.

Nerd fact: Noobie Noobinson is credited on some tracks for Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising by Relic Entertainment.



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