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Hazardous Materials

Lucas "doc_rob" Hardi has made this! His thread is here! Not content with putting it in the WAYWO Thread, he also made a separate thread for it, and was even thoughtful enough to create a banner image for the top of the site! A cunning ploy, but I reckon he needs to do a bit more texture work on the armour before it gets put in the banner rotation! Just sayin' ;)

What Are You Koala On?

The ubiquitous WAYWO thread is, as ever, a supplier of goodness. Mr Smo's pirate koala caught my eye, I think it's hilarious! Not only that, but it's also a pretty damn nice low-poly model and WIP texture.


Stark Raven Mad

Justin Dinges posted his updated portfolio this week - he's a Senior Environment Artist at Raven, and his responsibilities include prop placement, scene setup and lighting. These skills are often overlooked when a newbie artist is putting together their portfolio - it's easy to make a standalone item, but it's a lot more tricky to assemble a collection of things into a unique, moody and memorable location. Check out some of the Wolverine and Singularity environments that Justin put together, they're pretty nice!


Late Breakers

Additionally, Jesse Moody has just opened the floodgates onto a deluge of Singularity assets. There's concept art, environment work, characters and all sorts there - it's a goldmine of awesome production art!


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