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In case you folks are so obsessed by Polycount that you never look anywhere else, we've brought some cool stuff from other CG communities direct to you!

  • ZBrush monster goodness
  • A happy bather!
  • Mermaid and breakdown

Find out more after the jump!



So, first up, I found this really nice sculpt over on ZBrushCentral a few days back. It didn't even get the top row, and totally dropped off the face of the forums there, but I reckon it's really worth digging up and looking at!

It's created by Guilherme "Sathanael" Formenti, based on concept art by Adrian Smith. The detailing and presentation is really quite something, I reckon this is well worth saving to your inspiration folder!



Igor Catto has posted a pretty cool character study over on 3DTotal. It's a very well-executed model, texture and render of a large, happy female bather - not your everyday standard space marine or monster, so it's quite a refreshing change!



Finally, you may have seen this before since it's a couple of weeks old, but Olivier Ponsonnet has updated his Mermaid thread on CGTalk with some wireframes and screengrabs of the scene setup - it's pretty nice!

Here's the whole thread, and here's the later post with the wireframes.

Now, how's that for a nice little collection to make your art-brain fizz?


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