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Graphics From the Future!

What will game artists be pushing around on the screen in a year? In two years? In fifty years? Huh, huh?

Crytek delivered the keynote address the 2010 High Performance Graphics Conference, held this year in Germany, and just posted up their slides ...

Their talk, titled most appropriately "Future Graphics in Games", lays the groundwork for their upcoming graphics work on CryEngine 3 and beyond.

In the same vein, check out the talk from DICE at the local Stockholm Game Developer Forum, called "Parallel Futures of a Game Engine"...

It's all about where their Frostbite game architecture is headed in the near future. Don't miss the bonus slides at the end! Mmmmm hot-swapping.

Brain frozen yet? How about some DirectX 11?

Yep, DirectX 11 is coming to your local drive-in. Check out "Think DirectX 11 Tessellation! – What Are Your Options?" from GameFest 2010 Seattle. Real-time tesselation, subdivision surfaces baby! Just make sure your graphics programmer doesn't try to get you to use PN Triangles (doesn't look too hot methinks). Push them for real Sub-D instead.

Can you handle more? More futurism on the wiki...


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