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We all know just how sexy the art can be around here. The WAYWO thread alone will call your eyeballs up, take them to dinner then back to its place for the night. Only to duck out before they've woken up without so much as leaving a note. It's filthy like that.

But, did you know there's a lot of discussions happening around these parts? Find out what you may be missing out on.


Environment artists need some lovin' too

Over in General Discussion is a thread where the community is brainstorming future contests for environment artists. I think the results of the recent TF2 contest has those folks kicking up dust, looking around for something to do. This is why I love Polycount - artists talking about what artists would love to do. The Polycount team is taking away a few great points from this discussion, so far:

  • Environment art contest
  • Not on the same level in terms of time and limitations as the Unearthly Challenge. (Smaller time, smaller budget)
  • Will be viewed in real-time solutions (UDK, Source, Sandbox, etc.)
  • Will be a challenge. It just won't be 'Make a hallway!'. But it could, for example, 'Make an FPS hallway using only 512x1024 texture space, that is 20m long and doesn't noticeably tile.' To me, this sounds like as much an exercise in lighting as it is in efficient environment creation.

Here's some results past environment challenge we've done, called the 'Mod Facade'. Artists were challenged with creating a building facade out of modular pieces.

High Dynamic Range vs. Low Dynamic Range - The battle of the #@&$! century

Technical Talk is heating up this week with an amusingly heated debate over the pros & cons of HDR and LDR cubemaps. And I only use amusingly because its a joy to see such a topic get so seriously discussed with so many educated opinions being thrown around. It's worth knowing these sorts of things if you're working on a game that's using such technology, so do yourself a favour and get caught up on these three glorious pages.


[caption id="attachment_1796" align="aligncenter" width="630" caption="Perna dropped this gem in the thread."][/caption]


Calling all TF2 Polycount Pack Entries!

Mico27 - one of our newest and refreshingly active members - has been compiling a list of all the TF2 Polycount Pack entries, then organizing them by class. We're pretty sure he's more a fan of Team-Fortress 2 than he is an artist, but his list of entries is more than worthy of your time.


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