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We take a look around at some other communities to see what they've been up to while we've been finishing up on the Team Fortress 2 Polycount Pack Contest.

There has been some stunning work over at ZBrushCentral lately and we get an update on the Neverending Story Re-Design Challenge over at GameArtisans.org.


ZBrush Central

Here are some awesome works from artists over at ZBrushCentral ranging from some fine art sculpting study by marianosteiner, to a stylised and intricately sculpted creepy crawly by fabien-y, to finally a sub-d modeled sci-fi mech exo suit with ZBrushed environment by Pynion.

art by marianosteiner, fabien-y and Pynion


Game Artisans

The Neverending Story Re-Design Challenge is nearly in its last week and there have been some really cool and creative re-designs from the talented artists at Game Artisans (blasphemy... I know). The whole thread is definitely worth checking out, but here are a few select images so you know what's in store.

[caption id="attachment_1763" align="alignnone" width="630" caption="art by triatami, obeyurnapster, Dan!, redpandafire, seven, Duncan Fraser, Genz, Draxxuss"][/caption]



Important Links

ZBrush Central - Show Time by marianosteiner
ZBrush Central - Bombyx by fabien-y
ZBrush Central - Mech Exo Suit by Pynion
GameArtisans.org - Neverending Story Re-Design thread


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