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Today I have something for all areas of game art.
A tutorial on modular sets by Philip Klevestav for the Environment Artists, an update on the LPC #3 for the Character guys and finally we visit cgchannel for Part 1 of a series of articles by Samy Fecih for the Animators.


Tutorial - Modular Sets

Modular sets. What are they and how can I benefit from knowing this sorcery? They are a huge part of environment modeling and it assists you with cutting down production time, allows re-use of assets, they are the basic building blocks to create a rich and unique world more efficiently and you're only limited to your imagination.

Artist Philip Klevestav takes you through some hints and tips in this very informative tutorial and is worth the read for any 3D artist.


Low Poly Challenge - Time Machine!

It has almost been a week since the Time Machine! Challenge kicked off and some strong entries are already emerging. I encourage you to take part as it's definitely a rad idea and seems like a lot of fun. I know I'll be posting something very shortly.

In the meantime, here are a few of the entries:

Art by Swizzle, Ninjas and debut member mradamw


cgchannel - Posing and Body Language: Part 1

Whether you're a Character Animator or a Character Artist, posing characters correctly or portraying the right body language can be tricky. I personally know that the posing of my characters has something yet to be desired, which is why I found this short article by Samy Fecih, a Character Animator for Double Negative, very insightful and interesting.

We'll keep you updated as cgchannel post more of the articles in this series.


Important Links

Modular Sets Tutorial

Low Poly Challenge #3 - Time Machine!

cgchannel - Posing and Body Language: Part 1


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