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'Polycount Pack' 11th Hour (UPDATED)

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You know what I've loved the most about this contest? It was a reminder of the old days, where Polycount was based around the PPM - plugin player model - for the Quakes and Half-Life. It's been a nice ride and I hope we can do it again some time.

And with that, we now have just under 11 hours left in the Team Fortress 2: Polycount Pack contest. As a reminder, here is some important information that you'll need if you have yet to submit to this contest via the TF2 Contribute! page.


NOTE: It is very important that you copy the template below in to your submission via the Contribute page and fill it out. It is what will link your contribution to the Polycount Pack specifically. Valve needs to know your Polycount thread URL, username, and the name of your theme.



You must submit all the raw model & texture files for your items at the Team Fortress 2 Contribute Page. Each item from your set is to be submitted individually. If you know how to create them, including the Source engine compilation files for your items is very helpful as it allows us to easily test your items. However, this is not required for your submission.

  • Required:
    • Model source formats: .QL, .OBJ, or .MT
    • Materials source formats: .TGA/.PSD
    • Correctly completed Notes Template
    • Anything else we should know?” section of the Contribute Page filled out properly. See notes below for information.
IMPORTANT: Copy & paste this template for the Anything else we should know? section of your submission. There is important information your notes MUST contain to be eligible for this contest. Using this template will ensure those details are given properly.
Polycount username:
Work in Progress Thread URL:
Theme name:
  • Optional Source compilation files:
    • Model compilation format: .DMX, .SMD, .QC (required if your item has jigglebones, or other custom .QC commands)
    • Materials compilation formats: .TXT
  • Optional compiled files:
    • Model compiled formats: .MDL and all associated .VTX, .PHY, and .VVD files
    • Materials compiled format: .VTF, .VMT (required if your materials have custom shaders)

NOTE: Updates and fixes to items may be re-submitted at any point after the contest. Be sure to specify that you are submitting a fix in the “Anything else we should know?” section of the Team Fortress 2 Contribute Submissions Page and the older item will be replaced.


And here's the rules, for old times sake.


  • You must be a member of Polycount – Register Here
  • You must create a Work In Progress thread in the Contests and Challenges Forum for your entry and must show your progress from start to finish
  • This is a visual change to the TF2 weapons only. Designing new gameplay & mechanics for your weapons is unnecessary.
  • Ideally, you will enter this contest alone. No group submissions. That said, if someone helped you on something specific (e.g.: Hair shader) then credit them in your notes and Valve will take it from there.
    • If a friend wants to do custom animations for your submissions, have them submit it through the TF2 Contribute! page and note that it is for your Polycount Pack entry.
  • All work created MUST be your own
  • You must be able to supply all source files of the finished products
  • You must create a minimum of three unique items for only one particular class (e.g. 1 x primary weapon, 1 x secondary weapon, 1 x hat – you cannot do 2 or more of the same item)
  • Items must be themed to Team Fortress 2 and should fit in the Team Fortress 2 universe and time period (e.g. No clown suits for the Heavy Weapons Guy!)
  • Contest deadline: 00:01 PST, June 28th, 2010 (5 weeks after the start date!)



For all of those who are entering this contest, I urge you to go to your thread and update your ORIGINAL POST with your final shots of your contest entry. This will make the lives easier for Valve and everyone who's viewing your entry.


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