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It's Friday! If you're having a lack-luster day or just really looking forward to Beer O'Clock. Then let's kick the day off with some inspirational art and some praise for your TF2 entries.

If this doesn't help, ask kp to show you his reference folder of cute puppy pictures.


Into the Pixel

Every year a panel of jurors from around the world select works of video game art to feature in an exhibit titled Into the Pixel. This gives the opportunity for video game artists, like us, to have our work reviewed and recognised by the public and our peers in both the fine art and video game genres.

The 2010 Collection has been recently selected and exhibited, you may have caught it at the GDC this year if you were in attendence. However, if you've missed it. Check out the Into the Pixel website as they have the collections for the last seven years available to look at online.

Alternatively, you can jump straight to the art.



An online community called Facepunch (run by Facepunch Studios - of Garry's Mod fame) has been following Polycount's TF2 contest very closely. So closely in fact that they've created their own thread to praise some of the stunning work that is coming from our community.

Be sure to head on over and check it out, as it may be you work they like the most.

Facepunch - Stunning Polycount Contest Entries


The Team Fortress 2 Contest has drawn a lot of positive attention to Polycount. Do you think this will benefit Polycount in the long run?


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