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Medieval Cellar, Sci-Fi SMG, WAYWO goodness

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Dear forum skimmers, check out what you're missing.

  • Fantastic UDK environment work
  • Super-clean high-poly weapons
  • Piles of awesome WAYWO stuff

Find out more, with pretty pictures and everything, after the jump!

Gettin' Medieval

Over in Pimping & Previews, teaandcigarettes has been steadily working away at this particularly stylish Medieval Cellar environment, presented very nicely in UDK. Check out his thread here!


Gunnery Fun

Not far away, Lonewolf has turned out a super-clean and detailed highpoly based on one of dfacto's old concepts originally created for Darkest of Days. He's posted nice renders and wireframes of his control meshes over in his thread in Pimping & Previews.


What Are You Working On?

And of course, there's the never-ending What Are You Working On thread, which consistently puts forth some stunning artwork. It all happens so fast, you're bound to miss some, so here's the pick of the crop from the last day or so!

crazyfool posted his massive warrior demon sculpt, and if you look later in the thread you can see he's even started texturing the highpoly - awesome work!


adamlewis has sculpted a very stylish alien head, he's been using SculpTris to rough out a basic sculpt quickly, then retopo and do the final sculpting in Mudbox. Seems to be working pretty well!


rollin posted up some of his older work to bolster up his portfolio, it's always nice to see some well-executed diffuse-only work. More people should try it, it's fast and fun!


Now is that just an array of amazing art, or what? Get posting, people, we'd love to show your work on the frontpage here for the world to see!


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