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Faraut, some perspective, and new music

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Todays fine frenzy of interesting-stuff-we-know-you'll-dig comes straight out of depths of Youtube & Vimeo. From a master sculptor, to some crazy perspective, to new music today this mornings post is chalk-full of goodness.

But you'll have to jump in to check it out!

Philippe Faraut

Sculpting master Philippe Faraut shows us how its done with this very insightful video of his sculpting the 'Art Critic'. Faraut, a world teacher of sculpting, has been creating sculpts - from miniatures to monuments - for nearly his entire life. As far as sculpting is concerned, he's a modern day Michaelangelo.



True Reverse Perspective

A friend showed me this video yesterday and it really made me smile. Videos like this - that take the expectations of your mind and just twist it right up - really interest me as an artist. Especially in my own personal art, I love trying new things like this and would love to apply this approach of expectations to game art. There's not many games that have done that, in my opinion, but its something I'd love to see more of.

[vimeo clip_id="12518619" height="" width="640"]


Mux Mool's Wolf Tone Symphony

This is not something we on the editing team planned to do. That is, share music to the community like this. Unlike videogame art - where we all have a mutual admiration and passion for - music is very subjective amongst us. With that said, music is one of those things that can keep you focused when you're otherwise distracted on the tasks at hand. Arguably, there is no better music for this than that of the ambient kind. Whether its classical or electronic, there's a place in art creation for music with no words.

So if you don't mind, I'll share with you some music thats new to me that I loved working to. It's Mux Mool's 'Wolf Tone Symphony'. Check it out below. And, if you dig the idea of us throwing music we think you'll enjoy up in these posts, let us know. Or at least let us know if we can take the idea and frack off.



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