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Get your mind blown by James Paick

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We've got a bunch of cool things to share with you today.

  • Some inspirational 2D environment art by James Paick
  • Jean-Baptiste Di Marco brings us back to CGA graphics
  • Topical Mario game-art spoof




Coolvibe have collected 40 mind-blowing 2D environment illustrations by concept artist James Paick. Great for the reference folder or inspiration for your next 3D environment piece.



Quoted from the Vimeo description:

"Koch is a project developed by Jean-Baptiste Di Marco as a crossover between audio-visual practices. Koch - Ouverture introduces a progressive audio-visual narrative influenced by a VJing practice and experimental cinema. This video is representing one possibility and one step of a data based / loop based narrative."




Oh noes! The BP oil leak killed Mario!

Source: zero-lives


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