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Raven's new Dev Diary, the Quantumas Engine

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Now this is some news we know you'll dig!

Raven just launched their developer diary earlier this month then we head on over to Youtube to check out the Quantumas Engine.

Check it out after the jump! (There's a movie in it for ya!)


[caption id="attachment_1089" align="aligncenter" width="630" caption="Creating Characters for Singularity"][/caption]


Raven Software Developer Diary

Raven Software, developers of Singularity, recently launched their Developer Diary, which so far has been heavily art & design focused. Among a few great blogs so far is their latest update - Creating Characters for Singularilty.

This post was written by Lead Character Artist, Ryan Butts, and includes an outline of different areas of the workflow Butts and the rest of the character art team utilize. One area that is especially noteworthy, as it is something we cannot do in our spare time, is the Scanning portion of their workflow and how they use it to capture, in 3D, real-life items. I love this use of technology - in conjunction with all the other useful pieces of technology we get to use - for creating videogame art. It's especially handy when trying to accurately portray real world items. It's too bad the blog didn't go more in to detail on this subject - I'd love to know more about this technology and its creators.

For the rest of their workflow, including Concepts, Modeling, Scanning, Rapid Prototyping, and the Character Graveyard, check out the rest of the Creating Characters for Singularity blog. Be sure to check out their other Developer Diaries when you're finished!


Quantumas Engine Demo

I came across this engine beta demo on Youtube and immediately had to pass it on to you guys. What impresses me the most is that its being developed by one engineer. That's madness! This sort of dedication is inspiring. I won't say much else, as the video below does all the talking I'd need to do to convince you that the Quantumas Engine is one to look out for in the future.

(I recommend you watch it in 720p, fullscreen.)


Those Depth of Field features had me at hello. Oi!


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