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Equals HOT DAMN.


Finn "MadMaximus" Matthiesen has created something spectacular over on Game-Artist.net!

It's a huge and detailed fantasy environment, running in real-time in CryEngine2. Get on over there and check it out!


The thing that gets me about this environment (aside from the impressive scale, the stunning detail and the inspiring architecture) is the fact that it feels like a real place. The consistency of the style and colours, and the layout and placement of the objects really sells this as a believable location.

There's a sense of history there, and while it may remind you more than a little of Rivendell's setting in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, completing an environment as cohesive as this is an achievement that I feel many environment artists often struggle to reach.


It seems like a colossal amount of effort has been poured into this work, and personally I can't wait to see the video he says he's putting together - it should be pretty impressive to see this all in motion!


After all that, if you want to see more of this guy's work, you can check out his CGPortfolio page!

[Ed. - All credit for this post goes to MoP. I simply started the post early this morning so we wouldn't miss writing it.]


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