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Having a slow afternoon? Check out some of the happenings througout the community.

  • Cel shading tutorial in Maya with Cristophe Desse
  • Pixologic Interviews the Mass Effect 2 art team
  • Some crazy Giger-esque work by artist Alex Kozhanov



[caption id="attachment_916" align="alignright" width="180" caption="Art of Mass Effect 2"][/caption]

CGChannel are hosting a free tutorial with Naughty Dog's Cristophe Desse on cel shading techniques with Maya and Photoshop without the use of Mental Ray. This is a very simple and quick tutorial with a bunch of neat tips for both apps.



A fan of the art of Mass Effect 2, well you should be! Pixologic chat with the Mass Effect 2 art team. It's an interesting read with insight to their production, workflows and tonnes of eye candy to boot.


Alex Kozhanov

I was blown away by the crazy detail and creativity in Alex's work. Ranging from ZBrush sculpts, matte paintings, photography and sketches. There are some definitely awe inspiring works on his website and you can also check out his thread over at ZBrushCentral.


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