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The Art of Dante's Inferno, Rendering Tutorials and... UV Texture Grids?

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I didn't believe it myself, but seeing a huge collection of UV texture grids is pretty neat!

We'll also shoot you over to CGChannel and 3Dexport for some other goodies we know you'll dig.



The Art of Dante's Inferno

CGChannel put up a fantastic interview with Richard Larm and Ash Huang of Visceral studios, where they go over the art & design of Dante's Inferno. For the character artists out there, there's some great nuggets of information in here about how they went about creating the main character, Dante, as well as some of their top-tier enemies.


50 Rendering Tutorials

We have a ton of vehicle artists here on Polycount that I know are going to eat this up. 3Dexport.com has a massive list of rendering tutorials that they've collected from various websites... which we are now passing on to you (funny how that works).


Collection of UV Texture Grids

Ashraf Aiad has been sharing on his website a huge collection of UV texture grids. Generally you only need one, but seeing his collection on one page like this is almost art in to itself! Be sure to check out the rest of his website for some awesome 'tips & tricks' for Maya & Mudbox.


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