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mental ray, Batman's Tumbler, WAYWO goodness!

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Hey folks, here's a quick round-up of stuff that's been going on in the CG communities over the weekend!

  • mental ray 3.8 at CGSociety
  • Alex Zapata's Batman Tumbler
  • Polycount WAYWO thread highlights

Read all about it after the jump...



mental ray 3.8, Batman Tumbler, WAYWO thread


mental ray 3.8

I know we're a game art community, but everyone loves a nice render, right? You might be interested in the mildly technical article that CGSociety have put together on the latest version of mental ray for 3DS Max. It's got animated GIFs and everything!

Maybe in a few years all of this stuff will be real-time anyway, so you might as well start familiarizing yourself with it now... :)


Batman's Tumbler

Alex Zapata has got his rendition of the "Tumbler" vehicle from the recent Batman movies into the 3D Total gallery. It looks pretty damn nice! If you're interested, you can also see more of his work on his website here.


Go, go, WAYWO!

Now, I know it can be hard to keep up with the What Are You Working On thread, since everyone insists on doing ridiculous amounts of cool art, so here's a quick little digest of the highlights from the past few days:


Well, that's all for now... until next time, keep watching the skies! Or the threads. You're more likely to see game art in the threads than in the skies.


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