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Hell yeah, Darkrusader!

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Congratulations to Darkrusader, whose excellent Tristram Tunnels environment has just become Polycount's newest addition to our headline banner image rotation!


Check out his full thread for all the images over here on our forums. He's even done a neat little video fly-through of the environment, for your viewing pleasure!


[vimeo clip_id="12013685" height="" width="640"]


This artistic accomplishment now sits up in our banner rotation for everyone to see, joining our initial set of headers created by cycloverid, haikai, undoz, Mistry10 and JasonLavoie. You can see the full threads for all this amazing game art over in our Polycount Showcase forums!


But why are you still reading this? You've got cool art to go and look at - and then, once you've looked as long as you want, go and create your own! Maybe you'll be supplying the polygonal, pixelly goodness for our next banner... go forth and make art!


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