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Mini Iron Man, Beast Dude and Batman!

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Here's a quick look at what's being shown off in other 3D communities...

  • Olivier Couston & Christophe Desse's Mini Iron Man
  • Alex Huguet's Beast Dude
  • Juan Elias' Batman Redesign

Full info and links after the jump!


Now, some of you might have seen these before since they've been up and about for a day or two, but for everyone else who might have missed them, go check them out for some kickass character art inspiration!


Mini Iron Man, Beast Dude and Batman Redesign



Olivier Couston and Christophe Desse have put together a fantastic little rendering of a Mini Iron Man which blends cartoony proportions with realistic materials to excellent effect!



Alex Huguet has sculpted a fairly magnificent (and NSFW!) beast, which he's posted up over at CGTalk. Warning, the images contain graphic depictions of monster penis!



Juan Elias has created a very interesting redesign of Batman using ZBrush, it has plenty of details and is expertly presented. It even has lens flare! Go and check it out on ZBrushCentral now!


Now that these guys have given you a bit of an inspiration kick, why not have a shot at some of your own character sculpting? SculpTris is free, after all... :)


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