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Cody Kenworthy, Space Shuttles, Flightpattern

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Another day another 'bunch-of-stuff-thats-not-exactly-game-art-related-but-we-think-you'll-love-it' post. Enjoy!

  • Cody Wentworth
  • Time lapse video Discovery
  • Flightpattern

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[caption id="attachment_545" align="alignright" width="180" caption="Illustrations by Cody Wentworth"][/caption]

Cody Kenworthy

Cody Kenworthy, one of Relic Entertainment's many talented concept artists, has updated his portfolio/blog. Among the update is a lot of Warhammer: 40,000™ related concepts, specifically to the Dawn of War franchise. Whether you're a fan of Relic or the Warhammer: 40,000 franchise - or just a fan of kickass illustrations - you should check out his stellar update.


The Discovery

Allow me to space-geek out a little here, if you will. This is what happens when smart people put their heads together! Scott Andrews, a photographer and advisor to Canon, and Stan Jirman, a software engineer for Apple, teamed up to document the Discovery's next-to-last flight. Their solution? This amazing 4 minute time lapse video. Lately, I've been huuugely interested in Space exploration (more so than when I was a kid!) and I found this video to be so interesting. I'd put it right up there in 2nd place for my all time favourite 'space program videos!' (Yes, I have a list. Go ahead, make fun.) This video falls right under this tour of the ISS. Amazing.


Flight Pattern

Flightpattern is a fantastic little video found on Vimeo. To the tune of 'El Cargo' by Amon Tobin for the Splintercell: Chaos Theory game by Ubisoft, artist Gwen Vanhee creates this 'exploration in audio responsiveness'.

The kicker? It's hand drawn. Damn.

[vimeo clip_id="7174318" height="" width="640"]


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    I really like Cody Wentworth's art, its definitely right on with what Warhammer's style is (thou i am not the biggest Warhammer enthusiast). The time lapse was also very interesting and cool to see aswell as the crazy hand drawn art/sound collaboration.
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