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Stefan Morrell updates, Coolvibe, Eat3D Streams

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Check out this dish of afternoon eye-candy. YUM!

  • Stefan Morrell with another fine example in environment creation.
  • Coolvibe, for only the coolest.
  • Eat3D expands, and brings streaming content.



[caption id="attachment_491" align="alignright" width="180" caption="Click to head over to CGTalk and see Morrell's latest, 'Shuttle 43'."]Stefan Morrell killing it at CGTalk.[/caption]

Stefan Morrell

With yet another fine example in design via instanced geometry, Stefan Morrell graces CGTalk with his latest work, 'Shuttle 43'. One of the things I enjoy seeing in Morrell's work is his skill in 'kitbashing' his artwork to get new and interesting compositions. It's something I try and do in my own work whenever I can. This technique is a fantastic example in cross medium techniques (3D still versus videogame artwork). If you haven't yet, check out the rest of his work and pay special attention to how he reuses artwork to fill a scene.



I wanted to pass along a quick link to Coolvibe, an amazing blog/gallery of digital artwork found from around the world. I won't say much else, as 1 click is all you'll need.



Just in case you haven't seen this yet, Riki and the gang over at Eat3D have updated their services to offer you streaming content. I'm a HUGE fan of this service as material services take time to get to you, whereas this is immediate. High-five to everyone at Eat3D for this one!


So there you have it. Some afternoon eye candy and service updates! What're your thoughts on the 'kitbashing' approach to environment creation? What about that technique applied to multiple environments, rather than internal to one specific environment?


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