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Jacob Charles Dietz, Shields

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A couple of great things happening in the digital world we thought you would dig!

  • Jacob Charles Dietz breaks it down for us.
  • A gem of a bookmark for environment artist.

Click on through for full details.


[caption id="attachment_371" align="alignright" width="180" caption="One of Dietz's amazing pieces. Click for his online portfolio."][/caption]

We thought we'd show off some artwork from Jacob Charles Dietz portfolio. If you haven't checked his art work out, you really should. The way he writes about each piece, rather than simply displaying his artwork alone, is fantastic and worth each read. The best thing about his gallery? If you start at the beginning and work your way to the latest you can watch his improvements over time, its awesome.


I also wanted to quickly share a bookmark of mine - 'Shields Around the World'. And no, its not about shields. It's a collection of photographs taken from a couple who went on a year-long honey moon around the world. It's one of those websites you visit every few months and find a little nugget of inspiration each time you come back. They aren't artistic photographs - more snapshots than anything - but they'll certainly inspire any environment artist with 'creative block' to research things on their own end.


What camp are you in? 'Shuttup already and show me the artwork!' or 'Great image, but whats its context?'


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