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Artist 'hydzior' rocks Youtube for updates

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Images are one thing - but showcasing your artwork in a video is another thing completely! If you haven't seen what hydzior's been up to lately then now is your chance.

Click on through to see some of his stellar progress updates to his UDK environment.

As artists in this industry, arguably one of the most fun aspects of what we do is presenting the final pieces of artwork. Whether it was something you had done for games you've worked on, or something you've done on your own time, thinking of ways to present your piece can get pretty creative. And personally, when it comes to showcasing your work, I'm a big fan of such effort in presentation. And while there's certainly a place in what we do for images - and we'll talk about this one another time - I'm a total sucker for video. It isn't done nearly enough for how effective the medium can be.

If you haven't seen this thread over in the Polycount Forum lately, then check below for 2 of his/her video updates.



'Hydzior' - who does a fantastic job of hiding his or her real name, by the way - has been updating the Polycount community constantly via video and for his environment, it works so well. Specifically to environment presentation, video can do wonders for the showing the life your environment has (or doesn't have); Show the viewer the movements, the audio, and the overall atmosphere in an environment. Not to mention the immediate understanding of the scope of work they've accomplished in such a piece. It works so well, that I hope his final presentation is in a well edited video, and not static images.

How do you feel about video used for presentation? Both as the viewer AND the author?

Is it worth the effort to show a character update in a video, even if its just the character spinning on a turntable? If so, share a couple video links to some character presentation via video in the comments below.


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