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The Polycount Community

First off - welcome! Polycount is the videogame art resource & community.

Created, maintained and contributed to by professional videogame artists, Polycount was founded by Drew ‘Rogue13′ Risch on April 1st, 1997 along with his good friend Ted ‘bearkub’ Shockey. It was originally known as the Q2PMP, as its first purpose was to store and showcase Quake 2 plug-in player models. In 2006 long time member Adam Bromell (a member since 1999!) joined the Polycount Crew as its Principal Editor and Website Architect to help grow & develop Polycount as a complete resource for videogame artists.

On May 24th, 2010 we updated the website to be the best News & Forum website for videogame artists - appropriately named the 'Polycount Update'. We report news that we KNOW you will find useful, entertaining, or engaging. On top of this, we offer information exclusive to Polycount: Interviews, Articles and Tutorials as well as report on these things from the rest of the 3D community. The Polycount Crew consists of professional artists and if the News we posts doesn't interest us then chances are you won't like it either.

We launched the Polycount Update with a brand new contest, exclusively for Valve's Team Fortress 2 called the 'Polycount Pack'. It was a 5 week contest that yielding some amazing entries and showed just how talented & creative the Polycount Community is. Read all about the contest right here.

With over 22,000 registered professionals or hobbyists and some 4.5 million views a month Polycount truly is the videogame art resource & community.


How do I join the Polycount Community?

Chances are, you found this page because you've already signed up! And if you haven't, then you should! It's 100% free.

One of the ways we combat spam around here is by moderating every members first post on the Forum, not the News site. This tells us a few things:

  1. First, that you're human. This is very important, as you can imagine!
  2. Secondly, we now know that YOU know where the Forum is. This is where you'll want to go to show your artwork to the community, look for technical help, offer feedback to other artists, network with fellow professional or hobbyist artists, and so on.
  3. And lastly, if you can post on the Forum then you'll certainly be commenting on the News.

Once you've registered, head on over to the Forum and...

  • Firstly, read this thread. It's chalk full of information you should know about the Polycount Forum. Once you've read it...
  • ...either make a new post showing what you're working on in the Pimping & Previews forum
  • ...or reply to a thread any where in the Polycount Forum and offer a comment or criticism to a fellow artist.

Once thats done, one of the moderators will approve the post to confirm the account and you'll be all set!

NOTE: If you do not post to the Forum and have your account confirmed, your account is limited. You will not be able to comment to the News, create a new Post in the Forum, reply, or send & receive multiple private messages to other users.


You've talked about the Polycount Forum, what about Polycount News?

The News is your homepage here at Polycount and it is where you'll find all sorts of information not normally found in the Polycount Forum:

  • Exclusive Polycount content. Articles, Interviews and Tutorials.
  • News from around the general 3D & 2D news. We'll be reporting News from other news & forum communities directly to Polycount.com
  • General 3D or 2D news you'll find useful. If its information, entertaining or engaging to a videogame artist, you'll find it on the News page.


If you have any questions, please contact us.


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