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The Team-Fortress 2 'Polycount Pack' CONTEST

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That's right! We're kicking the doors open on the massive Polycount update with a brand new contest with none-other than Valve Software.

Oh did that get your attention? Then maybe you should read on!

We are extremely happy to announce to you that our very first contest for the new website is going to be a contest with videogame industry behemoth, Valve Software. If the first community update for TF2 was any indication (more than half of the content was produced by members of Polycount), we know you guys are no strangers to Team-Fortress 2. What better to launch with then a contest where you could potentially see an entire set of your artwork make it in to Team Fortress 2 'Polycount Pack'.

Let that sink in for a second.

When your blood starts to circulate properly again you should probably click here and, as the Engineer would say, G'IT GOIN'!



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