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huffer greentooth
I'm trying to learn some different pipelines and I find Blender intriguing. But I already have an established workflow, from years of max and maya, and I'd rather not re-learn too many shortcuts.

I want to make Blender more familiar to me, but it's quite time consuming to implement pie menus and all these standard things from 3dsmax... I got a headache trying to cut parts of some cool things I found online and merge them with others (like clickdrag to select..ugh).

So I'm looking for someone that can do a couple of things:
- create (or help me make) a couple of pie menus like in Maya (to switch object mode to vertex,edge, etc; one for some standard extrudes, duplicate, etc, and so on)
- help me modify a standard config to have clickdrag select, w,e,r for move, rotate, scale, etc
- help me figure out analogies between 3dsmax and blender - answer workflow questions, methods, tips, etc...it could be on an weekly basis or something. I'm only interested in modeling and texturing.

I can offer knowledge in 3dsmax, and I can pay a small sum (something like 50 euro, good for a piece of software or something).

This is my skype: tehdopethrone (as written).
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