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Hey Polycount!


Want to go to GDC 2016 in a volunteer position (even though it's technically paid) that will give you a free Full Access pass?

Then apply for the Conference Associates program!

Application Website.

What is a GDC Conference Associate?
The GDC Conference Associate program is a volunteer program (though not recently by legal changes) where hundreds of Conference Assocaites (CAs) dedicate 25 hours or more of their time to help GDC run like smooth butter for the attendees (game developers, colleagues, etc.)

While a huge chunk of it is conference volunteering, the CA program is very unique and stands out against other volunteer programs like the PAX Enforcers. It's also a strong, swift adventure in bonding, networking, and making some incredibly sticky friends that is consistently described as "The CA Family." Game developers, doctors, artists, engineers, musicians, gamers, it's a varied crowd of game-developing lovers that are part of the CA family.

Several Polycounters are CAs themselves! Adam Alexander, Peet Cooper, and more that I can't immediately name.

Feel free to ask questions!

This is a paid position. You must be eligible to work in the United States of America.

Important dates:

After 11:59 pm (Pacific Time, UTC-8) on January 1st, all the CA positions are filled. Applicants will be notified if they are accepted (or not) by January 7th.

Applications submitted after the positions are filled will be offered the opportunity to be put on the waiting list. Applications will be accepted up until 11:59 pm (Pacific Time, UTC-8) on March 8th for the waiting list.

The date of the application does not affect the chances of being accepted, just whether it is considered directly for a CA position or the waiting list.

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